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December 1, 2021

Travel focused online radio station launched by Gallivant Africa

Travel focused online radio station launched by Gallivant Africa

Data-driven media firm, Gallivant Africa is launching a niche Africa-focused online radio channel to help promote the continent as a leading travel destination.

Image source: Gallo/Getty Images.

The travel-focused station celebrated a huge success during their beta test over September – November 2019 when it reached over 90,000 listeners a month from around the world.
The station will relaunch and officially begin live-streaming from February 2020. It will share numerous hours of original programming covering all things travel in Africa. The weekly schedule includes shows about hospitality, destinations, transport (aviation, cruises and rail), African culture, trade events, exclusive interviews and more.

Speaking on the reason for a niche radio station, Gallivant Africa editor, Miriro Matema said,

Founded on the concept that ‘Ideas That Matter’, Gallivant Radio aims to lead the pursuit of progress in Africa’s travel industry. From actionable insights to hilarious interviews, Gallivant Radio is a candid way to connect the world to Africa.

Africa has largely been misrepresented. The most recent incident being the idea that Wonder of the World, Victoria Falls would go dry, thus sparking the hashtag #VictoriaFallsIsNotDry. Gallivant Radio aims to share an accurate narrative of the continent from the voices of the people who live there.

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