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5 Top Bags Every Woman Should Own


Handbags are one of the major accessories used for our daily routine as it is used to hold items needed for the day. It is important to know the types of bags needed for various occasions.


Tote bags are not just spacious; they also look polished and professional especially for an office lady that needs to carry her laptop back and forth from the office. If you carry just your phone, wallet and a makeup bag, you can also use a lightweight tote bag.


Casual day bags come in different varieties that can easily fit into your outfit and daily routine as they are spontaneous so switch things up with this bag and also show off your style.


A cross-body bag is an answer whenever you need something not too small and functional as it looks more stylish than a backpack. It can easily be adjusted for your comfort, keeps your things close and helps you move freely.


Colour bags are not necessarily used to match your outfit; you can easily have a more stylish look by having fun with your outfit. Use it to break up solid black, navy and white and also create contrast with a colour handbag by simply going with a shade of your outfit instead.


This comes in handy whenever you need a classy bag that can easily fit into your outfit for a fancy party or dinner date. It is timeless and come in various varieties like black satin, metallic in gold or silver and sparkly.

Clutch bag | Photo: IndiaMart


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