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September 26, 2021

US-based WPF releases video series to help Africa’s farmers improve poultry production

US-based WPF releases video series to help Africa's farmers improve poultry production

The US-based World Poultry Foundation (WPF) has released a series of training videos to help farmers reduce waste and optimise profits with a focus on emerging farmers across Africa.

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The WPF’s training series, with four videos dedicated to production, explains how farmers should store feed, proper feeding of poultry and how to prepare and manage zones of comfort to encourage proper brooding for chicks. The videos also explain the importance of litter in helping to prevent common diseases to improve production and returns.

Feed accounts for up to 70% of the costs of raising poultry, so proper feeding techniques enable farmers to reduce waste, cut production costs and raise healthier birds, says WPF. Water is equally important in poultry farming, with proper water management crucial for healthy birds.

WPF CEO Randall Ennis says the video series has been developed to address the most common challenges faced by emerging poultry farmers across Africa. “By applying best practice poultry farming methods, farmers can significantly increase their production, their incomes, and the nutrition available to their families and communities,” he says.

View additional training videos, as well as free checklists and worksheets here.

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