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How To Style Baggy Shirts —

How To Style Baggy Shirts —

How To Style Baggy Shirts

Today’s fashion is becoming less body type and more style. Following this new development, baggy wear has become one of the top fashion trends in both male and female fashion trends worldwide.

Baggy wears, especially oversized shirts are fast becoming the new sexy, and here’s a style guide on how you can make a fashion statement rocking oversized shirts.

Go oversized, not extra large
There is a thin line between oversize and extra-large. When crossed, the outfit is likely to be a total fail.
The human body frame is designed to have fittings in clothes two-three sizes bigger than its fitted size and not more than that. Sizes beyond that have the tendency of looking out of shape when worn. The neckline becomes too wide to hang pretty on the body and the hem of the shirt too wide or long. Thereby, making the body frame seem small and lost in the fabric.

An extra-large shirt is likely to take attention away from the style and project focus on just the flappy fabric. Although big, oversized shirts outline the body frame, the curves, and shoulder lines stay in view, and are yet, not exposed. This is sexy with no show of flesh.

How To Style Baggy Shirts

Going extra-large, accessorise
If extra large is your go-to style, accessorising is one to explore. Accessorising is a fashion aid that has been saving style since forever and this isn’t changing anytime soon. From eyeglasses to scarves, and jewellery amongst others, accessories help to transform basic fashion to sassy and bold.

An extra-large shirt can be accessorised with a belt around the middle section of the body. This gives the body a more defined frame and the shirt a fitted appearance.

Wearing a necklace either short or long on an extra big shirt is also perfect for the look. A necklace helps to give an illusion of a slimmer neckline, taking eyes away from the wide neckline extra big shirts have.

Cross bags and jackets can also be accessorised by wearing a baggy shirt. They can keep the flappy fabric in place and add show-stopping style to the look.

Balance it all
Balance is paramount in everything including fashion. Doing too much can turn out to be awful. When there is too much going on, an outfit might look weird rather than stylish.

For the most part, you need to balance the baggy look with a slimmer fit. Slim sandals, boots, or sneakers go well with a baggy shirt rather than big sole footwear. This tones down the look and shows the beauty in the style vividly.

Generally, going for a baggy shirt requires slimmer clothing or accessories; not necessarily small but smaller in size compared to the baggy shirt. When an outfit is too busy the style becomes vague.

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