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Kermit Crack Free For PC [Latest 2022]

Kermit is a handy, simple, easy to use application specially designed to offer you a front-end for the OptimFROG lossless audio compressor.







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OptimFROG is an astonishingly good sounding compressor which offers a few unique features like excellent feedback cancellation (though this last feature is rarely used and not covered in the documentation). It is also an extremely simple and fast compressor to use. It’s unusual edge to this compressor is its very high quality when it comes to limiting, as it is capable of performing a fast and extremely accurate job even with high dynamics.
OptimFROG stands out in its category with its easy operation and fast and accurate processing. This compressor is especially powerful when it comes to distortion, and is more than capable of handling any level of distortion you throw at it.
OptimFROG comes with four different compression curves, and each curve can be stored as an individual scene. This allows you to save your favorite settings and use them again and again.
The OptimFROG compressor engine was created by Erick Vamos and it’s a very well known compressor at the time when it was first released. The Erick Vamos team brought a much needed improvement to the compressed sound. The OptimFROG compressor has a well deserved reputation for being a high quality compressor with an amazing amount of flexibility and features, both good and bad.
The OptimFROG compressor is a newer release by The Erick Vamos team. The 1.2 version features a few improvements over the previous releases. There are also a few new features and improvements to the interface. It is still a very powerful compressor, and it’s a solid choice for a compressor that could handle just about any volume you can throw at it.

To show you how powerful this compressor is, I ran it with a 16 bit sample rate, 16 bit sample size, and no limit on the sample size. I also tried it with a -1dBFS signal. I ran it with.03,.06,.09,.12,.15, and.18 compression, all with a limit of.99. As you can see below, the compressor is capable of handling all volumes I threw at it, even when the original signal is -1dBFS.

The interface of the OptimFROG compressor is very simple to use. It has four settings, and each setting is an individual scene. The settings are:

Depth of Clipping. This setting controls how much the input level is allowed to rise or fall before it is clipped. This is often called “the overload threshold”. This setting is affected by the “Scenes” setting below.

Kermit Free For Windows

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Kermit Crack Free Download For Windows

OptimFROG is a lossless audio compressor and analyzer. It can compress to almost any compression ratio, down to -60 dBFS, without sacrificing quality, or analyzing any arbitrary sample.
Key features:
– very simple to use
– handy, no need for third party apps
– both audio sample preview and lossless compressed file are saved
– simple, no learning curve
– simple plug and play application
– full featured audio analyzer
– great audio compressor for mixing and mastering
– also a great compressor for individual tracks
– mix sounds to your liking
– preview audio samples, setting and saving with just a click of a button
– analyzed samples can be saved, to your hard drive, to the clipboard or to text files
– files are now stored in the user directory (in Windows: [Program Files])
– can be operated from the command line (don’t have to be run from the EXE file)
– can be used as a server

– Fix and improve the interface

– Fix a bug, check for errors during conversion
– Fix a bug, fix the audio compressor settings during conversion

– Fix the size of the settings window in the conversion window
– Fix a bug, fix the audio compressor settings window in the conversion window
– Fixed the price of the update

– Fix a bug, fix the lossless settings in the converter
– Fixes a bug, check for errors during conversion

– Added new settings window
– Fixes a bug, check for errors during conversion
– Added option to open the compression/analyzing window in the default window of the converter

– fixed the price of the update

– fixed the price of the update
– added a new GUI

– first release

Kermit is a handy, simple, easy to use application specially designed to offer you a front-end for the OptimFROG lossless audio compressor.
OptimFROG is a lossless audio compressor and analyzer. It can compress to almost any compression ratio, down to -60 dBFS, without sacrificing quality, or analyzing any arbitrary sample.
Key features:

What’s New in the Kermit?



Why OptimFROG?

OptimFROG is a front-end for OptimFROG. This application is specially designed to provide a user-friendly interface for people who are not familiar with the OptimFROG settings and who wish to use OptimFROG as a compressor.

How it works?

OptimFROG – The compressor

The OptimFROG algorithm is based on a harmonic non-linear equalizer and this is what allows it to be so versatile. It could be used as a simple compressor, as a limiter, as a phase-compressor, as a multi-band compressor, or as a clip-remover.

Kermit is a front-end for OptimFROG. This application is specially designed to offer a user-friendly interface for people who are not familiar with the OptimFROG settings and who wish to use OptimFROG as a compressor.

After installing OptimFROG, Kermit comes with a built-in compressor that will take care of the compression for you.

Key points:

Kermit has support for the following OptimFROG settings:

Number of bands: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8

Noise Gate: ON, OFF

Cutoff Frequency: 10 to 3,000 Hz

Coefficient: 0.1 to 1

For more information about the various OptimFROG settings, please refer to the OptimFROG manual.


Several different graphical user interfaces

Several different style skins for the graphical user interface

Compression level indication

Channels filter

Auto Crossfade

Multi Channel Compression

Help & Tutorial

Multiple bit rates




VBR with hard-coded target bit-rate

Various audio bit-rates

Variable bit-rates





Ogg Vorbis




Nero Burning ROM format (.nbr)




CBR (Constant Bit-Rate)

CBR is the most common type of encoding used for digital media. It allows you to specify an exact number of bits per second that will be used to encode audio. Each sample is encoded at the same number of bits.

Variable Bit-Rate (VBR)

VBR is used to encode digital media such that each sample can have a different number of bits. VBR allows the encoder to smoothly adjust the compression level to achieve the desired target bit-rate.

Constant Bit-Rate (CBR)

System Requirements:

Intel Core 2 Duo, 2.4 GHz
Mac OS X 10.6.4
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