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September 27, 2022

Xomega Framework Download X64


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Xomega provides a set of core framework elements that can be used to build applications, that will:
Eliminate the need for abstract intermediate objects by using domain-specific, language-integrated and runtime metaprogramming.
Improve the quality of the framework by introducing a core in-memory data store and the following core framework features:
Quick access to a set of well-known OOP abstractions and high-level classes.
Multi-threading support through a thread-safe, garbage-collected runtime
Support for unit testing frameworks.
Support for test-driven development (TDD)
Facilitate the use of alternative programming languages such as Ruby, Python or dynamic languages

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Xomega Framework Crack Free [32|64bit]

The Xomega Framework Crack Keygen is based on an inversion of control principle. The Framework will provide a set of Application Service implementations with an open-source.NET platform. These Application Services are logically separated in terms of presentation, business logic and data access with a simple and extensible  architecture.
Xomega Framework Benefits and Features:

The core Xomega Framework is a lightweight library that you can use to quickly create expressive and scalable applications. It contains a set of Application Services with a common API and a lightweight Dependency Injection engine.
Xomega Framework Architecture
The Xomega Framework’s architecture is an open one-class based software factory, featuring a sophisticated Dependency Injection engine. The Framework extends the.NET Framework and adds a uniform software development interface. The Framework is composed of four layers:
**Presentation**: the presentation layer includes  ASP.NET or WPF hosts and a  Silverlight host
**Business Layer**: the business logic is implemented as a set of Application Services implemented with INotifyPropertyChanged and Dependency Injection. The Application Services can be created in different programming paradigms like C#, Java, Visual Basic.NET or  XML Script as self-hosted in web servers or stand-alone applications
**Data Access Layer**: the data access layer provides a simple and manageable way to access data. The database drivers can be generated from a Model-View-Presenter (MVP) pattern that encourages the separation of concerns. There is a simple Entity Framework based data access layer that can be used as an alternative to ADO.NET for data access.
**Data Service Interface (DSI)**: the DSI provides a simple way to develop.NET service oriented applications. The framework provides a WCF service based DSI that delivers business logic and data access, which is used for application development. The Framework also provides a lightweight version of the server-based DSI for non-WCF client applications.
Xomega Framework Caveats:

Xomega Framework does not provide a code generator.
There is no an automatic unit test. It is recommended to use the Xomega Framework Unit testing tool.
There are no built-in code generation capabilities, only the.NET Framework standard technologies are supported.
There is no ORM feature.

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Development Environment System

IDE and other tools like sln, csproj, etc. can work together with the framework.

User Interface System

With the Xomega Framework, we’ve reinvented the UI system as a mixture of WPF with the ability to support a framework for the rest of the UI

Binding System

The framework provides a dynamic binding system as well as a binding mechanism to explicitly represent data relationships.

Management System

The primary purpose of management is to provide for a more simple and a quick way to resolve the programming problems and to facilitate many other activities.

Architecture Framework

The framework allows the developer to use a deep runtime for their applications

Security Framework

The framework is similar to a MVC framework in which the controller or the framework is an IAuthorization object.

The framework provides an implementation for many features such as the model, view, controller, etc. that when used together, help to build a complete framework. The use of a framework enables us to reduce the complexity of development.

One feature of the framework includes the complete support for the following technologies. This in turn means that we can provide solutions for almost all applications.








The framework also provides the following features, which help to reduce the complexity of application development.

Multitier Model

N+1 (N entity Framework, N DataBase, 1 UI)


Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM)



Functional programming

Xomega Template version

Xomega has a complete version of the Xomega Framework that includes the ASP.NET MVC version of the framework. This version is called the Xomega Framework Expression version, or in short, the Xomega Framework Expression (Xomega EX). The Xomega EX is written in C# and is fully MVVM compliant, just like the Xomega Framework, but uses a modern expression design pattern for binding.

See also

Xomega Framework Expression, Xomega is very close to Xomega EX or Microsoft Zetes (This is a.NET ORM Framework)


External links

What’s New In?

Xomega Framework is a platform-independent cross-platform framework that makes it easy for developers to quickly design and develop high-performance mobile, tablet, desktop and web applications. Xomega Framework can be used for any kind of programming language.
The framework is built using.NET Core 2.0. Xomega Framework can be used to develop applications for any kind of architecture including Windows, Android, iOS, Microsoft Dynamics and others.
The Xomega Framework is constructed using best practices, such as.NET Core 2.0, no single point of failure, high performance and many more.
Xomega Framework main objectives:
1- Allow rapid application development
2- Promote reusability, which can significantly reduce maintenance costs
3- Ensure consistency to deliver the best user experience
4- Make it possible to access all important APIs and their underlying data
5- Enabling distributed applications
6- Share data between applications
7- Allowing applications to run in more than one virtual machine
8- The Xomega Framework is based on the WCF services layer with a WCF Data Tier based on Entity Framework, NHibernate or any other ORM or non-ORM based data access framework.
9- The Xomega Framework is implemented using.NET Core 2.0 components and it uses the.NET Standard library as well as NuGet.
10- The Xomega Framework is based on Microsoft Azure, ASP.NET Core, Xamarin and Angular.
11- The Xomega Framework is based on a 100% portable full stack.
12- The Xomega Framework can be easily integrated with C# projects, PHP projects, JavaScript projects and more to use them as backend services.
To know more about Xomega Framework visit at:
Thanks and take care!

For more information, you can also check:

Xomega Framework – A comprehensive.NET core or.NET framework.
Some of Xomega Features:
Easy-to-use library.
Store and retrieve data via WCF services.
Enables developers to develop mobile, desktop and web applications.
The Xomega Framework is fully portable, so no installation is required.
The xomega framework has a 100% portable, single-point-of-failure architecture.
The xomega framework supports all the latest Microsoft technologies including.NET Core


System Requirements For Xomega Framework:

OS: Mac OS X 10.9 or Windows 7 or later
Processor: Intel Core i5 or later
Memory: 8GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 or AMD equivalent
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband internet connection
Storage: 3GB available space
OS: Mac OS X 10.10 or Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core i7 or AMD equivalent
Memory: 16GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 or AMD equivalent



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