Election campaign: displaced people from Kwamouth report their difficult living conditions to Fayulu

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In the melee of giving the floor to the public to collect wishes, one of the displaced people from Kwamouth appeared at the podium where Martin Fayulu was holding his meeting on Sunday at the central tribune of Bandundu, capital of Kwilu province.

In her speech, this woman mentions the deaths in their camp, the servants that her brothers and sisters have become to survive in Bandundu, due to lack of support from the Congolese state. This woman also deplored the poor conditions in which the deceased displaced persons are buried.

“Since we have been here, no one has paid any attention to us. If a stranger comes to a village, do we not take care of him? We suffer here, if we do not hoe the plots, we will not eat. If “We don’t do housework, we won’t drink. We are buried in an undignified manner. We sleep like Kuluna (thugs) and we are happy to meet you,” she said.

Martin Fayulu also looked at the security situation during his meeting in Bandundu. The presidential candidate promises army reforms to restore peace in the country and protect the territorial integrity of the DRC, if he becomes President of the Republic.

Jonathan Mesa in Bandundu

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