South Kivu: The RN5 cut in Baraka after heavy rain

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National road 5 is cut in the town of Baraka following heavy rain which fell on the night of November 18. The bridges over the Mkemakye and Abela rivers were washed away. Around a hundred merchant vehicles transporting goods from Bukavu to the provinces of Maniema and Tanganyika in particular remain blocked in the town of Baraka.

”We come from Bukavu, we are stuck here due to lack of passage. We ask the government to find an urgent solution. There are around a hundred vehicles here but the others are blocked at Abela for the same problem,” said a driver met at the Mkemakye River.

The cutting of this road of interprovincial interest could lead to serious economic consequences in this part of the Republic. Several corners of Maniema and Tanganyika are supplied with manufactured products via this route from the city of Bukavu.

The provincial government of South Kivu dispatched a team from the roads office to the sites hit by the disaster for practical arrangements.

It should be remembered that two children died and several material damages caused by the overflow of river waters which recently caused flooding in Baraka.

Lubunga Lavoix, in Baraka

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